Tuesday, August 13, 2013

We made it out alive...

I am so excited to report that all four of us happily survived a 16 hour road trip!

Don't you just love his fake smile! Silly boy!
We just got back last night from a 6 day trip to the state of Washington for a family reunion.  Not just any family reunion, but Lil' Miss's first reunion and our very first long road trip as a family!

I am also excited to report that my goslings did GREAT in the car.  Of course, we had a few, "Are we there yet?" and "How much longer?"  But that is to be expected.

You may have seen my post on Facebook last week about our hour chain...which helped Brother Goose to answer his own "How much longer?" questions.

I'm also very sure that the fact that we traveled with my parents on the way up helped out a lot, too.  In fact, I'm pretty sure Lil' Miss was only in our car for about two hours on the way to Washington.  Nana & Papa are waaaaay more fun than us. :)

I have so many things to share with you about our trip, but those will come later.  Today we've got a last minute doctor's appointment for Brother Goose and first day of school prepping to do!

I hope you'all had a great week...and I'll see ya soon!

Always ~ Momma Goose

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