Saturday, August 10, 2013

I have a problem

Hello, my name is Momma Goose and I am an addict.  I am totally and helplessly addicted to:

That's right, Chunky Artichoke & Jalapeno dip.  Have you tried it?  It is absolutely THE BEST!  It's from Costco and they usually always have it.  I inhaled an entire 32 ounce container of this yummy-ness in just over a week!  BY MYSELF!  Yup, me, all by my lonesome ate that whole container.

I got crazy.  Every single meal had artichoke/jalapeno dip.  I would start the day with egg, toast and artichoke/jalapeno dip:

In the middle of the day, it was an artichoke/jalapeno dip salami sandwich:

If I was hungry for a snack, I picked up a chip or pretzel or carrot or celery and dip it. (My finger, really anything will do. :)

For dinner it was BBQ'd chicken with corn on the cobb, pasta salad all dipped in...yup you guessed it...artichoke/jalapeno dip:

One day, I even made up a pizza around this scrumptious dip:

To say that I am an addict is truly an accurate statement.  Once the jar was gone, I was sad.  Really sad. It was the end of a yummy week.  I immediately went put it on my shopping list for the next weekly trip.  When I don't have it around the house, I'm always thinking..."OOOO, this would be good with artichoke/jalapeno dip!"  Or..."I need to get some of that yummy stuff."

But...I haven't bought it again.  It's been almost a month that I've been off the artichoke/jalapeno dip. Why you ask?  I don't know.  I'm fighting it people.  I'm really fighting it

I'm so afraid of what I might put it on next!

Is there a food you do this with?  I'd love to hear so I don't feel so alone! LOL!

Always ~ Momma Goose

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