Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A beautiful lesson...

For the past few weeks I have been secretly second guessing and upset with my gardener.  Why you ask?  Well..for more than a month he has left this in our yard...

I must admit...I was more than a little upset.  I was getting really irritated with him.  He came to our house at least 3 times and didn't pick this GIANT weed.  How could he miss it?  He always does a good job on our lawn.  Why was he not picking this horrible thing?  I even took a picture to send to a friend, showing her what an awful weed it was.

Then one morning, I happened to catch my gardener here.  I tried really hard not to stomp out.  In my most well behaved attitude I asked, "What is the "scoop" with this!?!" as I waved my hand around the Redwood-like weed.  "It's a sunflower, Mrs. Goosev.  It will grow very tall and have a very beautiful flower at the top.  You will love it."



A sunflower????


Sunflowers are one of my most favoritest flowers.  How did I get so lucky?  We didn't plant sunflowers in our yard.  Did someone plant one there for me, knowing how much I'd enjoy looking at it?  (It is litterally right outside our dining room window. Woo-hoo!)  Did we spit out one to many sunflower seeds this summer in our front yard?

Or...was it a plan from above to teach me a little bit of trust and patience!!???  Or kindness??!!!  Or of the beauty of his creations???

Yup...another great lesson from God...that's what I'm going with.  I should have trusted my gardener's knowledge and well-meaning efforts.  I should have been more patient with him.  More patient with nature.

Our sunflower has been so fun to watch.  Before the bloom opened, it followed the sun from east to west, the stalk grew to be about 2" thick and now it's taller than Brother!

Please don't make no-nevermind to the awesome blue socks in this picture.
It was get yourself dressed day at our nest. ;)
Our flower has become the talk at our nest.  Daddy, Brother, Lil' Miss and I all admire its strength (remember that 2" stalk), it's beauty (the gold and yellow are perfect), the randomness of the plant, and just the amazing ability of nature to thrive.

We have been blessed so many times over in this house we call a home.  I don't know why I even dared to second guess one of those blessings...our gardener!

In what ways is God trying to teach you something?  Or have you been taught a fun lesson lately?

Always ~ Momma Goose

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