Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Toddler Tuesday

Do you make juice from concentrate?  Or do you buy it pre-made?

I used to be a pre-made momma until a few weeks ago.  Then I realized something.  I know it makes life a little easier to just have the jug of juice ready when you are...but hear me out.  I have two REALLY good reasons why you should take the extra time and make your toddler's juice from concentrate.

Reason #1:

It costs less money.  A 64 ounce bottle of pre-made, Langers Apple Juice costs $1.99 at the store I go to, which is $0.03 per ounce.  The frozen concentrate of the same brand of juice when made per directions, makes 42 ounces, costs $1.00, which is $0.02 per ounce.

Not a big savings, I know.  But, when you're on one income, every penny counts.

Reason #2:

I can make the juice as strong or as weak as I want.  Just because the instructions read, "mix with three containers of cold water," does not mean I have to agree.  I usually fill the concentrate container 3.5 to 4 times, depending on the type of juice I'm making.  I promise you, filing the container 3.5 times does not make a big taste difference - in fact, I'd bet your family won't even notice. :)

We really try to watch the sugar content that comes from the juice our goslings drink. We do not allow our goslings to drink soda (Brother Goose doesn't like them anyway and Lil' Miss has never had the opportunity.) and we limit the CapriSun type drinks.  By adding more water, I am able to better control how much empty calories and sugar they are drinking.

Good news:  Reason #2 gives me even more of a savings.  When diluting the apple juice by only mixing in an extra 1/2 container of water it makes the cost go down to $0.01 per ounce! Woo-hoo!!

So, there you have it...costs less AND dilutes the sugar!  Two great reasons to take that extra step and make your juice from concentrate.

Always ~ Momma Goose

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