Wednesday, July 10, 2013

What my Toddler Tuesday looked like

Yesterday was one of THOSE DAYS!  My beautiful, awesome, happy, amazing goslings and I went into town to have a little fun and run some errands.

We started the day with a visit to Chuck E favorite place on earth...NOT!!! That place has the right idea...waste spend a ton of cash on useless video games to get tickets so you can get useless awesome toys that will end up in my trash can within a week.  To top it off, their food is like, no...old cardboard. costs a small fortune!  Double yuck!!  Yet, I find myself taking the goslings there every six months or so because $10 will buy us an hour or so of "fun" and they can't leave the building without me!  Brother Goose doesn't like their food either, so we get to eat somewhere else.

Our somewhere else yesterday was Subway.  While the food was better, the service was less than better.  In fact, I'm pretty sure the guy at Chuck E Cheese was fully trained in customer service and in kid language.  Back to you know Lil' Miss is allergic to milk and even fake cheese, which sometimes is hard for an almost two year old to understand.  Brother Goose got Cheetos and Lil' Miss wanted some...can you see where this is going?  Screaming, crying sad, sad, sad Lil' Miss in Subway. Somehow she got a hold of one and in my mini-struggle to get it out of her hot little hands it bumped her screaming, crying, sad Lil' Miss is now red faced and welted, screaming, crying, sad Lil' Miss. :(

Next visit was Verizon.  My cell phone was stolen last week and I had to return to the store to get my new one up and running.  What was I thinking towing along two hot and tired children?!?!  The poor guy that was helping me was a little clueless.  He must have been a "newer" employee, because he couldn't answer several of my questions, took 45 minutes to long to activate my phone AND was oblivious to my children - which is either good or bad.  Thankfully, there was a table with chairs in the store where we could sit and behave while the guy worked on my phone.

(P.S.  My phone still doesn't work right.  Hopefully, Daddy Goose can figure that out tonight.)

After Verizon was Costco.  A little glimmer of light thanks to a cart that seats two! LOL!  They treated each other with respect in the close proximity AND there were popsicle samples!  Costco must have known that crazy moms with their crazy kids would be coming in yesterday - a smart and successful marketing strategy.  Yes, I bought the popsicles! ;)  Half way through the warehouse, Brother says..."Mom, I'm starving!"  Whaaaatttt??  He ate an entire 6" turkey sub, half a bag of chips and a snack on the way to Costco!  This boy is definitely going through a growing spurt.  $1.50 hot dog to the rescue!

Finally, we were on our way home.  Chuck E Cheese crappy toys, activated cell phone, fed tummies and groceries.

I know this may all sound like not that big of a deal to some.  But...add in that it was 108 yesterday, we missed the friends we were supposed to meet at Chuck E Cheese and Daddy Goose wasn't with us, which we've become quite accustomed to.  Ooooo...and I wasn't mentally or toddler approved activity prepared to sit at Verizon for over an hour.

The silver lining = the day was not lost.  We got to have dinner with four of our favorite people, enjoyed watching Brother play football and then got a surprise visit from an old friend we really missed.

Here's a quick YouTube video of practice. :)

All in all it was just another glamorous day in the life of a momma.

How about you, what glamorous thing did you do yesterday?

Always ~ Momma Goose

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