Monday, July 8, 2013

Menu Plan Monday & (Not so) Mellow Monday we are almost 3 months since my last post!  Phew, time is flying by!

We are busy, busy, BUSY!  Our lives have changed so much since April.  Nothing that a little adjustment can't fix...but it's been just adjustment.

Daddy Goose hurt his back in March and has been home with us since.  (We love having him here.  He usually works a lot, so we're taking advantage of his time. Hence the lack of blogging.)  Brother Goose finished his last year of pre-school, which means KINDERGARTEN in the fall!  EEEEEKKKK!!!!  Lil' Miss Goose is growing like a weed and says new words everyday.  (Including..."Uhhhh, no!"  Not my favorite! LOL)

So, all four of us are now home together. Every. Day.  It has been a whirlwind.  All my routines have been thrown out the window.  Everything from menu planning to daily house chores to exercise.  The only thing we want to do is hang with Daddy Goose.

W have settled into a new routine.  The go with the flow routine.  The take advantage of Daddy being home routine.  The clean the house once a week and do laundry only when needed routine.  The sit by the pool, go to the water park, spend extra time with family and friends routine.

I am still very much a Type A kinda girl, so there are plenty of days when I can't stand the "go-with-the-flow," but I am really trying to deal with that slowly.  I have my days.  And today is one of those days.  I am fed up with the mess in my house and need a menu plan for the week.  There will be no mellow-ness in our house today.  We are doing laundry, deep cleaning the kitchen, scrubbing bathrooms and washing floors.

I have figured out what we're eating this week and I figured, if I am doing a little work, you should be able to get the benefit too!  So, here ya go!

Monday:  Frozen Bean & Cheese burritos
Tuesday:  BBQ Chicken with Brown Rice Pasta Salad
Wednesday:  Ground turkey "sloppy joes"
Thursday:  Leftovers
Friday:  Camping!
Saturday:  Camping!
Sunday:  Camping!

With Lil' Miss's egg & milk allergy I adjust recipes or provide her with something else to eat. 
It takes a little more planning and caution, but it's just another reason why I meal plan!

Do you meal plan?  I do because it saves me time, money, and answers the never ending "What's for dinner?" question.  After you've checked out my menu plan and then see others at

What are you eating this week?

Always ~ Momma Goose

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