Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Happy National Siblings Day

My brother and sister will tell you that I'm ALWAYS late. In fact, its a joke in our family that you tell me a different time than you really want me there just so I show up at the right time. So, it will come as no surprise to them that I'm writing this post with only 3 hours left. :)

I digress..

You'all might think you have the best siblings in the world (and in your world you're probably right) but in my world, I have THE BEST brother and sister EVER. PERIOD.

They both exemplify kindness, patience, love,  honesty and generosity. I am so proud of who they have become.

As kids we we're, like most siblings, at each other's throats a lot of the time. Yet as an adult,  I often find myself missing their company and wishing they didn't have to live in a different home. 

So, to my favorite brother Steve and favorite sister Cassie:


I love you both more than you know!!

Always ~ Momma Goose

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