Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Toddler Tuesday

With Brother Goose being on Spring break and Daddy Goose being home with a "broken back," we have a lot of time with our goslings this week.  Daddy is literally held up switching between ice and heat either on the floor or his chair, so we're trying our best to leave him alone or do things that involve him laying near us.

Enter my bright idea of a living room fort!  Brother and I have done them on many occasions, but last night I thought it would be fun for all four of us to get inside and read our bedtime stories.

Here's how I had pictured our fort...

And here's how things really went...

Lil' Miss refuses to keep her clothes on these days!

We grabbed a flashlight, crawled in (Daddy Goose painfully inched in) and we read 10 books!  Well, let me be honest, I read books, Daddy Goose layed next to me while Brother & Lil' Miss crawled in and out, up and down off the couch and all OVER the fort.  I'm pretty sure that our fort was only standing for a total of 15 minutes...and that includes a couple rebuilds.  After a while I was just reading books with a sheet hanging in my face.

It's always fun to see the difference between your visions and your reality.  Even though my reality wasn't as beautiful as that first picture...Daddy Goose and I had a great time.  Most importantly, I'm pretty sure Brother and Lil' Miss had a ton of fun.  They've already asked me to build another one. 
Do you build forts?  Got any construction suggestions for me?

What are you doing with your kids for Spring break?

Always ~ Momma Goose

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