Thursday, March 7, 2013

It's OK Thursday!

Its Ok Thursdays

Brother Goose and I just finished a tough round of Battleship.  He found the game in our cabinet and I was surprised that he wanted to play. While I may have helped him a little, he did a great job figuring out where to place the red and white pegs and how to sink my ships.  A little lesson in coordinates!

This week has just flown by for us. How about you?  Happy Thursday or Friday's Eve as my sis-in-law Goose would say!  Here's what's OK for me this week...

It's OK that...

...I am totally obsessed with the new Kroll Show on Comedy Central.
The man is hilarious!  (It's a comedy sketch show that is "ridiculous!" Sorry, Liz!)

Comedy Central - Kroll Show (Source)
 ...Daddy Goose and I waste waay to many nights watching lame (don't have to think) television programming.
 We also love the Science & History channels, so that balances it out...right? RIGHT???!!!

...I'm a little side-tracked because I haven't had a diet Coke in 4 DAYS!
Don't ask...just know that getting older is for the birds!

...that I am ready to smash, smash, SMA-ASH my computer into oblivion!
(It is soooooooooooo slow!) (And thank you, Kai for the "smash" reference used so very often in our household!)

...Daddy Goose and I are known for our movie and comedy quoting.

...I am irritated with how irresponsible some of the people on this planet act.

...I sometimes bribe my goslings to do things with rewards.
We work on the incentive plan over here.

...I'm sad that I missed my coffee date this morning.
At least we got to make up for it at the beginning of the week.

...I am more than a little thankful for the very tragic "misunderstanding" of the week.
Yet, I am deeply saddened for a family I don't even know.  Please be sure to include the "other" Healy Family in your prayers.

...maybe I am a little more than side-tracked due to my lack of diet Coke.

What's OK for you this week?

Always ~ Momma Goose

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