Friday, September 28, 2012

Five Minute Friday: Grasp

Five Minute Friday

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This week's topic is: Grasp

This week I had the opportunity to communicate with some of my friends from my "old" life.  My life as a working woman.  (Wow, that doesn't sound right...working woman...hee-hee..I meant, human resources consultant).  One sent me a birthday card, one emailed me about an old business issue and one sent me a birthday email.  It made me think of the old days and how much I enjoyed working with those people and how much I enjoyed working in human resources and as a legal secretary.

I am in an even better job now.  I'm a stay at home mom!  I am blessed to be in this position.  I grasp that concept of how important it is to be here for my children every minute.  I wonder, though, do my children grasp how important it is, what an impact it has on their lives, what it would be like if momma wasn't around 24-7, that momma used to be a great human resources consultant (if I do say so myself :)), what life would be like if I did still work outside the home?

I hope they do or will someday.  I now understand and am thankful for my mom choosing the three us over working full-time.

I wonder if I really grasp the concept of what it would be like if I still worked as a human resource consultant.  I can't really even imagine what it would be like to not be here 24-7.

Can you grasp what it would be like if your life was different?

Always ~ Momma Goose


  1. Awesome entry my friend. I really enjoyed it, I think many of us wonder what if when it comes to those huge life choices of staying with a job or a specific path we decided to take. All you need to know though... is you became a MOM and that IS the most important job EVER! Much <3 to you and your beautiful family.


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