Thursday, September 27, 2012

Its OK Thursday

Happy Thursday my friends!

Our week is coming to a close and I'm excited to call today Friday Eve, aren't you?  This week has been fun, but my goslings and I are always counting down to the weekend when Daddy Goose is home all day!  For now, we'll keep on truckin' and I hope you enjoy my It's OK Thursday!

It's OK that...

...I've struggled with my 1/2 Year Resolutions.
I haven't given up!!

...Brother Goose was a little scared at his first soccer practice and game!
He didn't quit and eventually had a great time!

...Lil' Miss Goose's hair sometimes (ok, a lot of times) looks a little like Pebbles Flinestone!
She's super cute anyway!

...I was probably more excited than I should have been to find $5.00 in my wallet!

...I didn't win $26,000 at Bingo on Tuesday.
I had a blast with my girls anyway!

...Lil' Miss Goose is laying on the floor watching Baby Einstein right now.
She's had a tough asthma night and day...she deserves a little pampering!

...that I'm a little jealous that my parents are going to spend the weekend with my sister.
She'll be here in October!!!

...that Daddy Goose and I took 6 months to spend our Elephant Bar gift certificates.
It made our date night all the more fun...and well deserved!

...that I'm really looking forward to my next date night with Daddy Goose!
(Um...when are my parents coming back from my sister's house? LOL!)

...that I'm really looking forward to my next Bingo night with the girls!

Have a great Thursday!  What's OK with you today?

Always ~ Momma Goose


  1. It's OK that:
    ~ I have been talking about my parents coming to visit non-stop for the entire week! I know my hubby is tired of it
    ~ I went on a much needed shopping spree over the last two days and spent more than I needed to, but needed the things I bought
    ~ I have yet to cook dinner this week and it's already Thursday
    ~ sometimes I feel a little sad when I think about one of my friends. Life is full of changes and ups & downs.

    1. Oh and it's ok that my beautiful niece's hair sometimes looks like Pebbles Flinestone!! :)

    2. You're is OK!!!! For all of them!!! :) Have fun with mom and dad...and go out to eat all weekend! Don't spoil your streak now!


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