Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Toddler Tuesday: Camping

Remember when you could throw a few things in a bag and run to the coast for the weekend? Or when you left for a week long vacation and all you needed was what you could fit in one bag?

I've blogged about how much stuff I take with me on a simple walk around the block...can you imagine how much stuff Daddy Goose and I pack for a two week camping trip??!!

The two week camping trip tradition dates farther back than me being a part of my in-laws family. In fact, it pre dates Daddy Goose. These geese have had a long standing date with the last 2 weeks of July and a certain lake in central California. We love it here and hate when "life" gets in the way of our trip.

So, last summer when Baby Goose was born, we were already planning to fit this trip into our vacation plans. And...finally...here we are!! Camping for two weeks with two toddlers!!

We practically brought EVERYTHING we own!!!! And Im still thinking of stuff I'd like to have here.

Yet, the best part of this trip is not all the stuff we brought, nor the stuff that we could have brought.

Its the dirt. Its the lake. Its all four of us sleeping on a queen size mattress. Its giggling with Daddy Goose by the fire after our goslings are asleep. Its the smell of fresh air. Its uninterrupted family time. Its teaching Brother Goose about what Daddy Goose did here as a kid. Its making awesome memories with our family and friends that come to visit.

Its camping!!

Always ~ Momma Goose

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