Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Practical Christianity

"In God we trust."

Its written on our money. Its written on buildings. You see and hear those words countless times throughout your life. it true?? Do we trust God??

I'll just go out on a limb here and say, I don't think it is true. We (as a nation) don't trust God. In fact, we are constantly questioning God. We question His motives, His plans, His power and even His actuality.

We love to praise Him when things go our way or when something good happens. "He knew what he was doing when He..." Fill in the blank. But when we're having a bad day or life gets messy, its "Why God? Why did he have to die?" or "Why did I lose my job." or "Why me?"  You've said these things before. Heck, I'll admit, I've said these things before.

But...wait...I thought we trusted God.

Shouldn't we trust God regardless of the situation? Shouldn't we trust that His motives, plans, power and existence are true and right?

Trust is a tricky thing. Its one of those emotion you have to blindly believe. Most people have a hard time trusting if they can't see or feel something.

I am one of those people that has a hard time trusting if I can't see or feel it. I want to change this about myself. I want to blindly trust God and His motives, plans, power and existence. Don't you?

Trusting in God IS something you can feel. You can feel it in your heart, mind and soul. We just have to be better about trusting OURSELVES. Trusting that feeling God places in our heart, minds and souls.

My goal: "In God I trust." Completely. Without question. How about you?

Always ~ Momma Goose


  1. I can say that in the past, I did not trust God. I didn't even look to him for answers, since I thought I was the one making my destiny. In the past 5 years, however, I have learned to humble myself and fully surrender to Him. Was it easy? Nope, but if you think about it, being a Christian is the hardest thing to do. First we must blindly trust His existence and then place our lives in His hands. That's hard to do, especially if you have questions without answers or if you think your way is the right way. Living in this world and being of this world is easy. It's easy to be influenced by our friends, family, television, movies, music, politics, etc. It's hard to question the motives of all of the above and then be open-minded enough to acknowlege when they do not line up with what God says. It's definitely hard when you are the first in your group/family/workplace to seek living for His kingdom and not for this world. It's hard losing friends, being looked at funny when you innocently profess your faith to a nonbeliever or luke warm Christian. It's a hard lesson but it's a necessary one. I now understand that my Lord and Saviour is the only one I can count on, who will never leave me nor forsake me. I finally "got it." One of my favorite things to say about truly surrendering and trusting God is that you don't "get it" until you finally "get it!"

    I have been through many hardships and am in the midst of one right now. I am sad to be dealing with it but I am comforted that I am not alone and that He has something greater for us. Through this, my faith will get stronger and my daughter's life will be a testiment to our faith and trust in Him. That's pretty awesome, if you ask me.

    1. Definitely awesome Catrina! I love your, you don't "get it" til you "get it" comment! You have been through a lot and your testimony is a powerful one! Stay strong in your faith.


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