Thursday, July 19, 2012

A thought...

After almost a week of beautiful weather, the clouds have turned gray and the rain is falling on our campsite. It started this morning around 6:30 and has been on and off since. It is barely enough to make your hair wet, but just the enough to allow for the wonderful aroma of wet wilderness.

Some people would be miserable in these conditions. But these four geese love it! Well...come to think of it, I bet geese in the wild love these conditions, so I guess its not that surprising.

Which got me thinking...What are some of our favorite activities for rainy day schedule?

We build a fort in the living room.

We bake cookies.

We have an indoor beach day, hanging out in the bath tub in our bathing suits.

We play on the back covered patio, while watching and listening to the rain.

We pop a big bowl of popcorn and drink hot chocolate and watch a movie. our options are limited. So what are we doing?

Brother Goose is racing and spinning donuts with his remote control car,  Baby Goose and I are hanging under the "Easy-Up" watching the race, we are listening and singing along to our favorite tunes while Daddy Goose is keeping a fire going. Don't worry...we have the popcorn and hot cocoa!

Its days like these that are hard to come by at home. No distractions from work, school, bills, household chores, etc, etc, etc.

What do you do on a rainy day schedule??

Always ~ Momma Goose

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