Thursday, May 24, 2012

Favorite and Useful Websites

Before my goslings, I loved to shop.  For anything: clothes, shoes, groceries and even for other people. Now it is a different story. You know the deal - you gotta get your goslings ready, get their stuff ready, pack everyone up in the car and then its an oh so exciting adventure filled with laughter, tears and a few bribes.  I only like to torture my goslings with one grocery store trip a week.  Kids are not made to sit in carts through multiple stores.

We can't really go without the necessities like toilet paper, deoderant or toothpaste, (well you wouldn't want us to, trust me) so I was desperate to find some way to purchase those types of items without dragging my kids to another store in town.  In comes to save the day.  I learned about it through, the two are "sister" websites.  They have everything. Most the items are well priced if not less expensive than the stores here.  One of the greatest things about the website, is that it keeps track of the items you buy, so I can go online, click what I want and be done in 5 minutes.  It's just that easy.  Another cool feature, is if you buy more than $50.00 in goods you qualify for free shipping.  Who can't find $50.00 in stuff in a Target-like store?  With one package of diapers I'm there!

These days I'd rather shop online from comfort of my house while my sweet goslings are sound asleep or otherwise occupied. I wonder if the creator of the internet was a parent tired of dragging their kids around shopping.

Now, if I could only find a grocery store that would deliver all the way out here.  (Hint, hint, Save Mart!)

Momma Goose

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