Saturday, April 28, 2012

Saturday Silliness

Have you ever seen such a sight as a bunch of 3,4 and 5 year old kids playing sports?   Today was our first day of Sports Camp and it was sooo much fun.  A festivity with running, jumping, throwing and kicking.

While being so serious playing their sports, the kids are also having a great time just being silly.  They would laugh because they missed the ball when trying to kick it, chase after each other and even take the opportunity to run through a few puddles - a favorite activity of Brother Goose. Plus, what could be more silly than a shirt that is 4x too big!

We were all unsure how Brother Goose would do, because he is very shy and does not like anything new.  But...I am excited to report...he did great! Just look at his happy little face.

One of my favorite parts of the morning was watching Daddy Goose.  If you know him, there was plenty of silliness going on at Sports Camp!  You could tell he was thoroughly enjoying himself as his whistles were heard from a mile away.  He is such an awesome dad!  While this is such a great opportunity for Brother Goose to gain some confidence and coordination, it is also a time for the two boys to bond.

While watching these cute kiddies, it dawned on me that when you become an adult, many people forget how to be silly and maybe even that it's okay to be silly every once in a while. As a parent you get the privilege to do silly things like: tickle 'til they can't stand it, take your kids to the park and squeeze yourself into a swing, pretend to be "monster" or maybe even jump into a few puddles.  Each day should have at least a little silliness.  What's your favorite silly activity?

I can't wait to see what silliness awaits us next Saturday!

Momma Goose


  1. So glad he had a good time! I know it can be hard for him to try new things but looks like he loved it!! :)

  2. That was weird...It showed my name on the above comment, then removed it! Crazy internet! ;)


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