Thursday, April 26, 2012

A thought...

"Life isn't fair.  Say, please and thank you.  Don't jump on the bed.  Go to sleep, please.  This is what is for dinner.   Cover your mouth when you cough.  Chew with your mouth closed. You're going and you're gonna have fun.  No, no and no!"  Sound familiar?  When I was younger I would hear them frequently and never in a million years did I think my parents knew what they were talking about.  Wow, was I wrong!

Every couple of days I find myself saying one, two or even three of those sayings.  The first time it happened, I almost fell over.  If I could have shoved the words back into my mouth, I would have.  It was as if I could almost hear my mom and dad snickering as if to say, "Ahhh, she finally gets it!"  Now, let's be honest, my parents are definitely not the "I told you so" type, so they would never snicker in real life, but I can only imagine the relief they feel knowing the sayings weren't in vain.

"I love you very much.  You are beautiful. I will always be here for you. You are such a great kid. I am so very proud of you."  How about these, sound familiar?  Even to this day, these are sayings I hear from my parents.  On more than one occasion during the day, I reassure my goslings of these things.  While life isn't fair and it can feel like all I say is "No," I am hoping that when my goslings grow up they look back at their childhood and remember all the little things Daddy Goose and I are saying and laugh because they finally get it. But, what I hope the most is that they grow up and know the same as I do - my parents love me!

Momma Goose

What are some of your favorite childhood sayings? 


  1. "Do you want your mouth washed out with soap?"


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