Monday, April 30, 2012

Mellow Mondays

Every weekday morning we wake up bright and early, cheery-eyed and grinning. Whoa...who am I kidding?! All of these geese love to sleep, so on mornings when we have somewhere to be, we wake up with barely enough time to get dressed, eat breakfast and get where we need to go.  Its crazy around here in the morning.  Except Mondays...Mellow Mondays.  Mondays are our days to lounge around, re-cooperate from the weekend and plan out the week ahead.

All around me people are complaining about Monday and how its the worst day of the week.  As I sit and listen, I'm secretly excited about my plans for for the day.  Stay in jammies, cuddling with my goslings, or see friends we didn't see over the weekend.  The best Mellow Mondays are those when Daddy Goose stays home.  While they don't happen often, we take advantage of those holidays.

This Mellow Monday, I'm adding a new tradition to our day.  Cooking with my slow cooker.  What kind of cooking could be more mellow?  Plop your food in a hot pot and BAM a few hours later you've got dinner!  We are having Disney's Slow Cooker Chicken Tacos.  It "magical" how easy this dish comes together.

So join me this Monday - call in sick to your boss, tell your husband/wife or anyone else who will listen - and have a Mellow Monday!

Momma Goose


  1. Thanks for sharing, I am definitely making that tomorrow for our "Terrific Tuesday!" HAHA who am I kidding!!! It will be more like "Time to hurry up and eat and do homework Tuesday!" :)

  2. I like it...Terrific Tuesday! Any time is a good time for being mellow!


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