Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Toddler Tuesday: A New Haircut

A couple days ago, I posted on Facebook this status:

"Sitting in the garage watching a timeless tradition, a dad giving his son a haircut.  We just add a lil' fire to the tradition...pictures to come."

As promised here are the pictures from that day.

It starts off very traditional...

Then things start warmin' up:

And the end result - a good lookin' flame haircut:


Brother LOVES it!  Daddy and I love it! Even 'Lil Miss has ran her hair over it a couple of times with a big grin.  Daddy has gotten several requests for more haircuts and I'm pretty sure Brother's entire baseball team wants their done, too.

The compliments and reactions have been fun and so far, my favorite comment has been:  "He was running so fast, his head caught on fire."

It was such a fun afternoon to be a part of and hey...you're only 4 once - might as well have flames in your hair!

Always ~ Momma Goose

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