Thursday, November 1, 2012

31 Days - Day 29

Do you clean for a reason?  I do.  My reasons are:  so we have dishes to eat from, clean clothes to wear and so my house doesn't look like the true messy people that lives in it.  Just as a I wrote a few days ago, I can't image the struggle it must be to get up while at my lowest and clean...for any reason.

Recently, I came across Cleaning for a Reason.  This organization has much better reasons for cleaning.  The non-profit, partners with cleaning services all over the United States and Canada to clean the homes of women undergoing treatment for any type of cancer.

In fact, there are four companies that have partnered with the non-profit, near where I live.

Molly Maid of Fresno
4.4 miles
2310 E. Gettysburg Avenue
Fresno, CA, 93726
Comfort Keepers
7.1 miles
1849 N Helm Ste 108
Fresno, CA, 93727
The Cleaning Authority Fresno County
8.0 miles
5494 E. Lamona Avenue
Fresno, CA, 93727

What a great "gift" to give someone that is in the middle of cancer treatments.  One less thing for him/her to worry about.  All you have to do is go here, and apply for the service.

Always ~ Momma Goose

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