Thursday, September 6, 2012

He DID it!!

I had a super proud "Momma Moment" yesterday when Brother Goose made it (smiling) through his dentist appointment! I actually had to hold back tears of joy.

Look at my sparkling teeth!

It has been a journey getting to this point.  We've been a couple of times to get him used to the idea and our last visit was not so fun.  I won't go into detail, but lets just say we were both very, very, VERY unhappy.  Since our last visit, we've talked a lot about the dentist, we've read "Sammy's Dentist Dilemma" (An amazing book, that was given to us by our dentist, Dr. Treva Lee, written by a dental hygienist!), called Daddy Goose for a quick pep-talk right before we headed into the office and I may have even bribed him a little.  I'm not sure which of my tactics worked, but at this point I don't even was a success!

As we walked out yesterday, he said, "Momma, I'm not afraid of the dentist!"  I could not have been more proud of him overcoming his fears.  What a big boy I have!

Its Ok Thursdays

It's okay that...

...we had to go to the dentist several times before it was successful!
At least we didn't give up!

...I hate paying bills!
Do you know anyone that doesn't?

... I haven't actually cooked all week!
It's been leftovers and sandwiches...easy peasy/lazy week.

...that I don't feel like doing much is sooo hot out there!

...I finished reading Fifty Shades of Gray in two days!
Now, to find the time to read Fifty Shades Darker & Fifty Shades Freed.

Always ~ Momma Goose


  1. I have yet to read 50 Shades Of Gray... I hear Ryan Gosseling will be the lead in the movie (Hey Girl), lol.

  2. Good job Brother Goose! Super proud of you AND super happy Momma Goose found the time to read 50 Shades of Gray...AND in 2 days! I need to borrow your copy! :)

  3. I am such a proud Aunt and Sister too!!! Love that little one.


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