Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday "Flicks"

We are big movie fans.  However, Daddy Goose and I are not big movie theater fans.  (In fact, the last couple movies I've seen in the theater have been with girlfriends and only because it was the premiere and a fun girly outing.) We enjoy sitting down in the comfort of our home watching a good flick on the tube.  There is just something awesome about relaxing in your favorite spot on the couch, with a cold or hot beverage (at a reasonable price), the perfect snack (also at a reasonable price), the ability to pause the movie at any time or rewind if you missed what happened, and snuggling comfortably with the ones you love.  All things you cannot do at the movie theater.

Brother Goose is finally at the age where he can sit through a whole movie without wandering around the living room, talking through the best parts and/or getting bored and forgetting the whole thing.  So, we've recently started "Family Movie Night."

We are always in need of great movie ideas, aren't you?  With Momma Goose & Gaggle, I am in a great position to get and give movie ideas and reviews...sooo we can help each other pick the right flick for family or date movie night.  What'cha think?!!  Yes - great!  Let's get started!

These is our pick for Family Movie Night:

Nick Jr. does a says the movie is great for preschoolers in Brother Goose's age group.  Here's a little info about the movie from the website:
"Maurice (John Lithgow), a jungle-raised penguin who thinks he's a tiger, returns to the South Pole to help a colony of penguins defend their home from a herd of walruses determined to take over the territory. Preschoolers love twisted tales, and this one is hilarious! Just the sight of Maurice, who has to continually freshen up his stripes because he believes he has a skin condition and who walks around with a fishbowl containing his tigerfish "son," Junior, is enough to make young viewers burst out laughing. Convinced he is "The Great Tiger Warrior," he helps the penguins save their home, beautifully illustrating to children that they can be whoever they imagine themselves to be."

What DVDs will you be watching this weekend?  Kid friendly?  Date worthy?

Let's compare notes next week!

Always ~ Momma Goose

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