Tuesday, August 14, 2012

It's a Toddler Tuesday!

I got to spend my morning with my favorite toddler girl...Lil' Miss Goose!

Photo Courtesy of Jim Healy Photography

While Brother Goose was at school this morning, Lil' Miss Goose and I had a breakfast date, went to the salon, the grocery store, checked out the new store in town, filled up the tank with gas, went to Rite Aid and then ended the morning with a lunch date.

It was a great morning with my gal, she was an absolute doll to have with me.  She didn't ask for anything at the stores, she didn't cry when I told her it was time to go and she didn't even mind getting in and out of the car so many times.

I know these days won't last, it is the curse of time going by. I am enjoying each second with my goslings.  Well mostly each second. (Ha-ha!) With everything there are a few I wish I could take back or make different.

And with that...I'm going to finish the rest of my chores while my sweet goslings nap, so I can spend the rest of my afternoon playing with the two cutest goslings in the world!  You should do the same!

Always ~ Momma Goose

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