Thursday, August 16, 2012

Family Fun Date & Its OK Thursday

Yesterday, we surprised Brother Goose and took him to the Island Water Park for an afternoon of family fun, water and sun.  Lil' Miss Goose and he had a blast and Daddy Goose and I thoroughly enjoyed the uninterrupted family time.

Kids Key Largo Lagoon
Photo from Island Water Park FB page

They have the coolest "lagoon" of slides, falling water and pool for kids my goslings age.  There is also a lazy river we could float along and a wave pool with real sand!  Of course, there are the "big" kid slides, but Brother Goose isn't quite there yet.  Although, Daddy Goose and I would probably have enjoyed them...but that wasn't why we were there. ;)

Taking Brother Goose to the water park was one of the last items on my summer to-do/wish-list.  I am so glad that we got to get it marked off as a family!

Its Ok Thursdays
It's OK...
...if my daughter's 1st birthday party doesn't turn out perfect! 
As long as we get to share the event with our friends and family.
...that I didn't look even remotely fantastic taking my walk this morning.
At least I went for a walk.
...that I don't still fit into my clothes from high school.
I'm not in high school anymore!
...that I am totally addicted to Rock Band!
I completed 15 songs last night!  I rocked it!

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