Friday, June 29, 2012

Mission (Im)Possible: Office Organization

I have accepted what feels like an impossible mission and organizing my home office.  Just look at the task at hand:

I've been sort of holding on to the very minuscule chance that we might be able to move up to the mountains by not unpacking our office.  After three months of squeezing through boxes and making due, I've decided enough is enough.  Plus, our chances of moving were, well shall we say, stripped away this week.  Thankfully, we know God has a great plan for Daddy Goose, so we are picking ourselves up, dusting ourselves off and moving on.  Beginning with finishing the project of unpacking.

We are blessed to have been able to move into a "home" rather than a "rental," and it's high time our home office looks like it. Here are a couple more before pictures:

I cannot wait to see and use this beautiful roll-top!

This is where I've been blogging, paying bills, etc!  Pathetic!

When all is said and done, I will make sure to show you my after pictures.  I'm headed over to and some other office organizations sites for some inspiration and tips.

Wish me luck my friends...I will see you on the other side of a very possible mission!

Momma Goose

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