Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Toddler Tuesday: Exercise Fun

While I've never been a huge fan of exercising, I know the benefits.  It keeps your heart pumping, you burn calories, your endorphins will get'ya feeling good after and yada, yada, yada.  I get it - you gotta do it.  Let's face it, there are very few activities in life that make you feel good (afterwards, of course) AND are good for you.

One of my favorite ways to exercise has always been walking/jogging.  A lot of times it just nice to get out and breath in the fresh air, see the sights along the route and spend some time alone.  There's just something  about grabbing your headphones and running out the door - leaving your worries on the porch.  These days, we don't leave anything on the porch.  Let's count the things I brought with me on my walk yesterday.

  1. Kids;
  2. Stroller - the Sit-n-Stand "Cadillac" length;
  3. Diapers;
  4. Wipes;
  5. Doritos; 
  6. Gold Fish;
  7. Cheerios;
  8. Mini-Rice Crispies Treat
  9. 2 sippy cups with water;
  10. Water bottle for Momma;
  11. 3 pairs of sunglasses;
  12. Lovey - plus a collection of toys hanging from the stroller;
  13. Blanket, to protect Baby Goose from the sun;
  14. Pacifier;
  15. Cell phone;
  16. Keys; and
  17. And I can't forget two of my favorite ladies - Cousin Goose and her mini-me. (And all of their gear)
Phew!  It's no wonder I got a good workout.  I'm sure Brother Goose could have thought of a couple more things for us to bring, but I stopped him at his fourth snack.  Now, mind you, only one of those snacks were eaten...the Rice Crispies Treat, of course.

Between the snacks, the water breaks, the getting in and out of the stroller, Brother Goose falling down, then consoling him, correcting behavior, hand feeding Baby Goose and our chit chat we managed to cover 2.5 miles in just over an hour.  While some might say it was pathetic...I say, NO! We did a great!  Not only did we add years to our lives, we enriched the lives of our goslings by taking them outdoors, we gave them the opportunity to foster their cousin relationship, and we got to spend quality time together.  It was Exercise Fun!

Guess what...we're doing it again tomorrow!!

What is your favorite exercise?  Do you exercise with your kids?  If so, what is your favorite exercise to do with them?

Momma Goose


  1. That sounds like a good time! Pushing that stroller around has gotta build some pretty good muscles! :)


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