Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Toddler Tuesday: Celebrations

My sweet Baby Goose (10 mos.) has learned how to clap! She usually misses the other hand and when she does make the connection there is no noise that results. But...there is THE BIGGEST smile on her face each and every time she claps. The cutest thing is, she claps for everything - she always has something to celebrate.
Which got me thinking, what muscles, thought processes and emotions go into clapping? As adults we often take the simple motion of clapping for granted. We don't even have to think twice about it, it just comes naturally. Give yourself a round of applause. Right now. See how easy that was? Now, ask your toddler to do the same and watch the concentration on their sweet face and the pure joy in achieving the task.
We've been celebrating everything around here lately with applause. From the egg yolks on her tray at breakfast to the toy that lights up when she pushes the button. All of us have joined in...Daddy Goose, Brother Goose and even big tough Uncle Goose.
They say you shouldn't sweat the small stuff. I've decided that not only am I NOT gonna sweat the small stuff, I'm going to celebrate all of our victories, especially the small ones. Without those small wins the big ones wouldn't feel as good. I challenge you to do the same. The next time your child eats all of their dinner, clap for them. The next time your spouse walks through the door after work, celebrate. I guarantee you and that someone will feel great.
Here is my first celebration: I got this post written before my appointment! (Applause!)
Momma Goose

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