Friday, March 22, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Remember

Sometimes it's nice to just sit down and wrote a note without planning it out, thinking it through, feverishly editing and re-editing. I love the Five Minute Friday link-up at Lisa-Jo's blog. It's free'ing to just write about something, anything and then look back and see what you've came up with. You should try it sometime.

Today's topic is REMEMBER. Check out my five minutes below and then take the opportunity to check out some of the other bloggers/writers at

Five Minute Friday

Remember the "good'ole days?"  The days before responsibilities, before husbands/wives, before kids.  When you got paid and had no idea what to do with ALL THAT MONEY! (Minimum wage was $4.25 and I'm pretty sure my checks were a total of $100.00)  

Daddy Goose & Brother-In-Law Goose - just a year ago!  I love this memory!

Lake Tahoe...too many years ago!

My 30th surprise birthday party

Like, remember the time when....we would sit at the park and eat lunch during our 42 minutes lunch break from high school.  Or...remember our Bass Lake trips?  Or...that time when we walked 3 miles in the middle of the night because your truck broke down and the Sheriff picked us up because it was waaaay to foggy for us to be walking down a country road.  What about Jaws, the movie...whoa, that one put our household on high alert!

Look how young we look!  2005
I remember these times like they were yesterday.  And yet...there are so many memories that have faded.  I wish they hadn't, I wish I could remember them all.  The good news is I still have many of these friends and we remember those times together.  The even better news is that we are continuing to make memories.  The best news is that we have been able to remain friends all of this time and we get to REMEMBER our good'ole times and that our friendships will remain.

This picture was from last Sunday...remember?

What do you remember?

Always ~ Momma Goose

P.S.  Please don't get me wrong I SUPER LOVE my life now. THESE ARE THE NEW GOOD DAYS!!!  With responsibilities, a hot husband and the cutest goslings on the block!


  1. Hey, I followed you on five min friday. This was a great word to reminisce the fond (and not so fond) things from the past, even if it was just yesterday. I love how you use pictures to show your good times as well as a timeline of sorts from then to now. Thank you for sharing. Please pop over to my site anytime

  2. I loved what you said "These are the NEW good days!!!" :) I really am a photo hog and much enjoyed yours. I followed you over from Lisa-Jo's.

  3. Yesssss I get this, I really do. I fret sometimes that I will forget the amazing times I've had and we have as a family, but then as you pointed out, we're constantly making new memories......
    Thanks for writing a great post!


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