Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Toddler Tuesday

A couple weeks ago, Brother and Lil' Miss and I had a great play-date that included a bounce session at our local Pump it Up, McDonald's lunch date AND a new haircut for Brother Goose.

Look at all that hair!  Boy, did he need a haircut!

A few years ago when he got his very first hair cut, Daddy Goose tried to convince me that he should have a mo-hawk as his first do.  I wasn't ready for my then one year old to be strutting around with such a crazy hair cut.  Almost four years later, the boy STILL wanted to get a mo-hawk   Between me becoming a much more laid back momma and him actually being able to verbalize his wants...I gave in!

You know what?  It isn't half bad!  The gal did an awesome job of making the hair long enough to look like a mo-hawk, but short enough to look like a "normal" hair cut when we don't spike it up.  She gave him a little more than a "fo-hawk."  The best part is - Brother Goose is happy!  There is nothing like that goofy smile on the face of my sweet boy!

Have you let your goslings have a crazy hair cut?

Always ~ Momma Goose

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