Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Oh How Pinteresting...

Have you heard?  I'm ADDICTED to Pinterest!  I started a few months back, but didn't really get into it until a few weeks ago and since then...I've been crazy all over it!

Here are a few of my favorite pins from lately:

California Sandwich
Source: via Skinny Ms. Eats on Pinterest

Canvas Silhouettes
Source:  Christina Williams via Skinny Ms. Eats on Pinterest

Steps to an Organized Car

Source: Shafer Family Blog via Charlene Yu on Pinterest
Fruit Water

Source: The Yummy Life  via Laurie Hartson Madson on Pinterest

What amazing things have you found on Pinterest lately?  Check out and follow my boards here.  Comment with your Pinterest link so I can follow you!

Always ~ Momma Goose


  1. love the silhouettes what a great idea for the whole family to do!

    Trish @ Tales from ...

    1. Trish: I'm really hoping to to them for all of us for a mantle decoration. :)

  2. Isn't Pinterest amazing...and addictive! I love it!

    Enjoyed your pins...

    Cindy at Notes in the Key of Life

    1. Cindy: I literally can't stay away for more than a day! Its almost pathetic! Lol! I'm so glad I'm in good company. :)

  3. I have to buy a new a new pitcher so I can start making some of those delicious fruit waters!!
    Stopping by from OHP♥


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