Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Healthy Living Tip #4: Exercise 20 Minutes a Day at Home

I have a hard time getting up before the sun rises to exercise and once my day is started there are goslings, dishes, laundry, errands, doctors list of excuses goes on and on. There is a gym in my town, but its hours aren't early enough or late enough to make it really feasible for me to go and they don't have daycare. The nearest gym with the right hours and/or daycare is 25 minutes away, so making that trip would take at least two hours of my day. Adding a two-hour trip to the gym, not going to happen. What about you? What are your reasons for not exercising?

According to the article, 10 Habits of Healthy Families, all we need is 20 minutes a day! How many of us can truly say that we don't have 20 minutes to spare in our day? Even with all of my excuses above I can't think of an actual good reason not to spare 20 minutes.  We can all spare 20 minutes.

Here are my new excuses: I know that my goslings would love to jump rope with me in the front yard for 20 minutes. I know that my goslings would love to walk around the neighborhood for 20 minutes. I know that my goslings would love to chase me around at the park for 20 minutes.

What's great about my new excuses? It makes getting and staying healthy a team approach AND I bet we will be having so much fun "exercising" that it will last longer than 20 minutes!

What about you?  Got any new excuses TO exercise?

Always ~ Momma Goose

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